Just want to shed some light on the unfortunate process that is Waivers and Add/Drops.  I say unfortunate because as much as we love expanding the league and Yahoo! for the platform, a 25 man roster just doesn’t cut it for us.  So when we decided to expand the rosters in 2006 we had to come up with a way to keep the rosters updated and accurate while utilizing this 25 man roster as well.  What we created were Reserves.  It started with 5 players and has grown to the 13 we now own today.  The hard part is keeping up with who’s on who’s team.  Yahoo only shows the 25 men that are on your roster.  That’s it.  So when you are viewing Free Agents, be forewarned, some of the players are not actually Free Agents.  They’re players already on teams that just do not fit on the 25 man roster.  So in order for us to collectively provide accurate info the owners were asked to post their reserve players every time a waiver was used, trade completed or add/drop done.  I know it seems like a lot to comprehend but once you get the hang of it I’m sure you will all be fine.  All that is required is a post on the Yahoo! league page where all of the conversations take place.  Once a waiver move is posted, it is considered official and will not be changed.  There will be no mulligans.  Please be sure you are adding the right player to your team.  There can only be one add/drop per post.  Using multiple waivers in one post is not allowed.  You must use one post per waiver move.  Every player that is called up will be required to start a minimum of one game to become eligible to be sent back down to the reserves at any time.  This can be done multiple times during the regular season but every call up requires one start.  A simple post for an add/drop should look like this:

Drop – Jerry Seinfeld

Add- Larry David

Waivers remaining – 6


Cosmo Kramer

George Costanza



Soup Nazi

Muffin Tops

Keith Hernandez



When calling up or sending down a player you would want your post to look like this:

Call Up – Christopher Moltisanti

Send Down – Tony Soprano

Then you would list your updated reserves underneath.

If there are any questions please feel free to ask.  We do not want to shrink the rosters at all and we certainly want to make the Reserve process as easy as possible.  In the past I was making all the changes myself and I just couldn’t keep up.  Hopefully this will work better with a little help from everyone else.

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