NJFFL Players On Their Way Out?

Due to the mandatory compensation some players demand you could see some trades pre-draft day.  Here are some NJFFL players that may be in different uniforms come opening day.
Tom Brady, Philadelphia Wolfpack – 3rd Year, minimum compensation
Philadelphia owner Mike Rappo has made it very clear that he will listen to offers for Brady.  Unfortunately, Brady will demand a higher compensation over the next two years and may not have the supporting cast that he currently does when that time comes.
Marion Barber, Whippany Warriors – 3rd Year, minimum compensation
Whippany has the handcuff in Felix Jones so the only reason to hang on to Barber is for injury insurance or trade bait.  Barber will see his workload reduced and probably would have been to Whippany’s benefit to trade him last season.
Ben Roethlisberger, Bronx Bombers – 3rd Year, minimum compensation
The Bronx has been one of the least active teams in the trade and waiver market and it’s going to show why in the next year or two.  They will be without a QB in week 4 because Ben is suspended for four games and Drew Brees is on a bye.  Roethlisberger won’t justify much more compensation than he currently is demanding in the next year.
Joseph Addai, Bronx Bombers – 3rd Year, minimum compensation
Two words. Donald Brown. Looking ahead at the compensation demand and I’m pretty confident Addai has peaked in terms of stats in a Colts uniform.  Maybe a new team will give him a kick in the ass but expect the Colts to work Brown in more this season thus affecting the output of Addai.
LaDanian Tomlinson, Boston Brewcrew – 4th year, mid-level compensation
The Brewcrew sat a bit to long on one of the NFL’s best RB’s.  After a memorable season in 2006 there was no way you could expect a duplication of those kind of #’s from LT.  His current situation in NY will not be a glamorous one but could provide some goalline and 3rd down receptions to justify his worth.  Boston hasn’t said he’s available but I wouldn’t doubt it.
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