NJFFL Week 1 Recap

Week 1

Boston Brewcrew (1-0) vs Whippany Warriors (0-1)

Although there was only a slight resemblance of the Whippany squad that was crowned NJFFL Champion, the team was active and ready for action.  Boston’s victory was highlighted by a record setting performance from QB Peyton Manning and a supporting cast that didn’t slouch either.  Rookie DB Javier Arenas was the leading point getter on defense and helped lead the Brewcrew to a record win margin of over 222 points.  Look for Boston to maintain their dominance against expansion Utah in Week 2.  Whippany was severely impacted by QB Matt Schaub’s weak performance and the emergence of RB Arian Foster and the Texans running game.

California Natrix (0-1) vs Phoenix Venom (1-0)

With both teams looking to get their first NJFFL victory, the issue was going to be who could out-manage who.  Both teams were staffed with high profile Rookies and established, NFL veterans.  California looked to QB Kevin Kolb for some leadership but an injury and the ability of backup QB Michael Vick prevented him from gaining only 7.8 points.  Phoenix held off rookie RB Jahvid Best and Dexter McCluster.  His 22+ point game (96 yd KR for a TD) couldn’t do enough to gain the lead and help out the Natrix in their inaugural game.  Phoenix also had a great performance by RB Chris Johnson whose 30+ points seem to be the norm for the elusive runner.

Bronx Bombers (1-0) vs Philadelphia Wolfpack (0-1)

These two NJFFL veterans had alot to gain in this Fenway Division matchup.  The Bronx carried in a 2-1 record against Philadelphia and looked to keep the advantage straight through to the end.  Philadelphia, led week in and week out by QB Tom Brady was left to scramble on Monday night with RB Jamaal Charles due to the poor performances of his 2009 ROY Percy Harvin and WR DeSean Jackson.   The Bombers were led to victory with the help of  WR Chad Ochocinco and a resurged RB Matt Forte.  Philadelphia faces a weaker opponent in the New England Toon Squad and will look to even out their record to 1-1 going into their matchup with Boston in Week 3.

Deptford Answers (1-0) vs Fresno Lions (0-1)

With only one more kick return for 18yds or more needed to break the regular season WR single game record, Fresno WR Brandon Tate almost stole the show in this matchup.  Unfortunately it was all in a losing effort.  Deptford came out with a balanced attack and held off Fresno throughout.  The lowly Lions defense racked up only 27 points and will clearly be a sticking point throughout this season.  Fresno will take on Phoenix in their yearly RIVAL game in Week 2.

Utah Stallions (1-0) vs Jefferson Bears (0-1)

Although Jefferson wasn’ t predicted to win this matchup all the pieces were in place for an upset.  RB Shonn Greene would have been better suited on the bench as he posted negative points for Jefferson.  Utah came with all they had as QB Jay Cutler and Co. started the day off strong.  Terrell Thomas led the defense with 17 points.  The matchup went well into Monday night but with the Jets offense MIA it was tough for the Bears to sustain the battle.  Next week Utah tries to continue their winning ways against a formidable foe, Boston.

Budd Lake (0-1) vs New England (1-0)

Budd Lake came into the season looking for answers and leadership.  Safe to say, after their matchup with New England, that they’re still looking.  The Bad Boys offense struggled early and often due to the injury setback of QB Matt Stafford.  New England looked sharp while letting RB Arian Foster run rampant with 72 points and WR Hakeem Nicks 3 TD game.  Budd Lake will try to even out their record against California in Week 2 action while New England faces a Philadelphia squad in search of some Week 1 redemption.

Chicago Kielbasas (0-1) vs Michigan Mammoths (1-0)

There were no big surprises here.  Just a hard fought battle between two expansion owners out for their first league win.  Chicago came with good intentions but unfortunately those don’t win you ball games.  Recently released Kielbasas RB Aaron Brown and Rookie WR Arrelious Benn decided to take the day off while their team tried to keep up with the Michigan offense.  The Mammoths on the other hand stood tall and took the game over with the help of QB Joe Flacco.  Both teams showed promise but only one could prevail.  Michigan plays their RIVAL game against Jefferson  in Week 2 while Chicago will try to rebound against Deptford

  1. #1 by fantasyfootballrecaps on September 15, 2010 - 11:38 am

    Cool week one recap. I was surprised to see how few leagues do this (or at least the ones I’ve been a part of don’t). I just started a blog to do my own. Any pointers would be helpful. Again, great week one review.

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