I Am Haunted By The Ghost Of Adrian Peterson

It’s exactly one year to the day…

December 28, 2009…Monday Night Football, Soldier Field, Vikings – Bears

Let me set the stage for you…

The 2009 NJFFL Championship game.  I was down by approximately 20 points or so.  I had both Jared Allen and Adrian Peterson in as my starters.  My opponent had Danieal Manning who was having a great year returning kickoffs and punts.

The game was close between him and I going into the fourth quarter.  I had really thought I was done for when Sidney Rice caught a Brett Favre TD with only minutes remaining in the 4th.  I needed AP to get back on the field somehow.  Luckily, Ryan Longwell drilled a 57 yard FG with only :16 left in the game to force overtime!  This was awesome.  I remember being on the phone with my brother-in-law while everything was happening and cheering for the Bears for the FG.  I was still alive.

Overtime came and the Bears had won the toss.  Manning had injured himself earlier in the game and was no longer playing or returning kicks.  The Bears went down to the Minnesota 27 on their opening overtime drive and Robbie Gould missed the chip shot allowing the Vikings to return to the field.   Unfortunately both the Vikings and Bears went three and out and had exchanged punts. No points were accumulated during the two possessions. Bears punt….Vikings ball.

This was the chance I needed.  Down by 3 points, AP on the field…HERE WE GO!

I had made it through 15 Weeks of football for it all to come down to one drive, during a prime time game and Adrian Peterson as my vehicle for winning the championship.

Brett Favre had found AP on a screen pass for about 30 yards!!  I had won!!  What a great comeback!!  Until…


and just like that it was over…the fumble had nullified the reception and the yards.  My season was over.

There are way too many similarities coming into this rescheduled Tuesday night game between the Vikings and Eagles.

1. AP and Jared Allen are my remaing 2 starters.

2.  I’m down by 17 points, in the Championship game.

I hope you can understand why I dread watching this game tonight, even though the ghost of Adrian Peterson is still haunting me.


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