What Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda Been In 2010

By NJFFL Contributor Patty Hsieh

1) Randy Moss:  You shoulda kept your big mouth shut.

All your talk about not feeling wanted by the Patriots organization and whining about the absence of a contract extension just gave me the sense that you just didn’t know how great you had in New England.  This realization became very apparent as soon as you returned to Eden Prairie, MN and then shipped off to TEN, didn’t it?  You truly don’t know what you’ve got until its gone – or in your case until you were gone from Foxboro.

What should have happened?   Tom Brady should have broken his own 50 TD record – he finished with a league high 36 TD’s this season. You, right along with him, should have broken your own receiving TD record as well.  You should have had another undefeated regular season and on your way to your first Super Bowl ring.  Luckily for the Patriots, they haven’t truly suffered since your departure but ahhh, the possibilities   Instead of preparing to play against Rex Ryan’s GD snack eating Jets this weekend, you’re probably watching the games on TV and sharing a well catered meal with your dog.  Since it’s looking like you’re not going to get another chance next season it means your final season in the NFL ended in TEN with a career low 28 receptions for 393 yards and 5 TD’s.

2) Brett Favre: Wish you woulda just stayed retired.

Lorenzo, Lorenzo, Lorenzo…  I’m not even sure where to begin.  Was the mansion and farm life in Hattiesburg so bad?  You would have made more Sears and Wrangler commercials.  Maybe even become the next spokesman for Just for Men?  Wouldn’t you have wanted to spend time with your family?  Maybe your new born grandson, Parker Brett?   Instead you got talked into heading back to MIN by your three amigos, Jared Allen, Steve Hutchinson, and Ryan Longwell.  Sure you broke some records (500th TD pass & 70K passing yards) and extended your consecutive starts streak to 297 games but you also got knocked around by kids (Arthur Moats and Corey Wootten) who were still in diapers when you started in the league back in 1991.  And if that wasn’t enough, digital skeletons from “Jets employment past” came back to haunt you and your wife.  Hope it was worth the trip.

3) Albert Haynesworth:  You coulda tried harder, BIG fella.

So YOU’RE the 100 million dollar man?  That’s the equivalent of 16.666 million Steve Austin’s!   Too bad you didn’t have his bionic legs and or his cardiovascular endurance.  Surely, you could have put forth a little more effort this season!  Was switching to a base 3-4 defense the end of your world?  So, you would have had to play some nose tackle and pick up more of the slack but you’re a professional.  Start acting like it!  I’m not sure what you were thinking when you held out over the summer and showed up to training camp under conditioned.  Did you think Shanahan and Haslett were going to bend to your antics and give into a war of words?  Since when do players get to tell their coaches what positions and packages they WANT to play?

You could have made some sweet lemonade from the lemons you were dealt.  You could have kept the Redskins D from being the 2nd to last in the league.  Instead, you resisted change and left a trail of bitter beer faces made by the Redskins organization and their fans.
Turn back the clock to April 2010 & don’t cash in that $21M check, Big Al.

Patty is a registered user of Twitter.  You can follow her @patycake15.


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