By NJFFL Contributor, Mike Kane

The Russian Billionaire New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov threw in the towel on the Carmelo Anthony trade which once again opened the door wide open for the NewYork Knicks.

However, it’s still no secret Carmelo wants to play in New York. Donnie Walsh needs to let Anthony come to him because incase you haven’t noticed, the Knicks are among the top of the league in scoring. As of 1/23/11 the Knicks average 106.7 PPG. The Knicks problems come from the Center position. They don’t have a big man who can box out, grab boards & block shots. Amar’e can block and rebound but he’s better at the Power Forward position and Ronny Turiaf while very aggressive, doesn’t have the presents to be a true center.

The Knicks need to focus right now on trading for someone who is a true center. Someone you can add to the rotation to take the big minutes off of everyone else. The logical solutions in my opinion come from Indiana & Sacramento. Keep in mind, outside of Carmelo, the Knicks are only going to trade for expiring contracts. With Anthony Randolph seemingly on his way to the Indiana Pacers for a 1st-Round draft pick, see if the Pacers would deal Jeff Foster. Foster is 6’11” and plays CENTER. He’s a good guy to have for 20 minutes per game to defend. Foster ain’t great but I feel it’s a better option than what the Knicks have. He also has a 6.6 million dollar expiring contract. Sacramento which is trying to stay way under the cap would probably be willing to deal Samuel Dalembert and save on paying him the $12.2 million he’s making this year. Dalembert’s contract is also expiring and when the Kings played the Knicks all Dalembert did was stop everything. 8 boards & 6 blocks, mostly in the 2nd half. That’s the type of guy the Knicks are missing.

So I say, make the trade for a defensive Big Man and please Donnie Walsh, I’m begging you, don’t gut this team. Let Melo come to you!


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