Hurt or Quit: The Jay Cutler Fallout

By Mike Kane, NJFFL Contributor

One question is being asked after the Packers vs. Bears NFC Championship game and that’s “Does Jay Cutler have a legit injury or did he quit on the Bears because the going got tough?”

I tweeted during the game that it was the closest one-sided game I’ve seen. The score was 14-0 but had all the makings of a 41-0 game or worse. Chicago’s offense did nothing up to that point and Green Bay was seemingly doing everything right. When Aaron Rodgers made a touchdown saving tackle on Brian Urlacher’s red zone interception I said, Urlacher not bringing that INT to the house might have cost the Bears the game. Jay Cutler, who was an unimpressive 6-14 for 80 yards with 1 INT, was taken out of the game with a knee injury and Todd Collins proceeded to continue where Cutler left off and drove the Bears great field position, momentum & crowd noise right into a brick wall. Collins played just 1 more possession finishing the game 0-4 with of course ZERO yards passing. Enter Caleb Hanie.

Hanie entered the driver’s seat and a train wreck of an offense and led the Bears to within a few yards of tying the game before a Sam Shields interception in the final minute sealed the NFC Conference Title for Green Bay.

Regarding Cutler’s injury, he has the world, including some NFL players via twitter, questioning his heart & toughness. The rumor on Monday afternoon was an MRI showed that Cutler had a torn MCL. Now this was a rumor and if it’s true then so be it, the man was hurt. The problem was his demeanor on the sidelines. He looked more like a man that just gave up rather than someone with an injury. I’ve never torn my MCL but I believe it has to hurt like hell. Where was the ice, where were the crutches, how about showing the pain? Cutler just stood on the sidelines like nothing was wrong. I’m not to question an NFL player’s toughness and I know Cutler probably doesn’t exactly have the most winning personality but at least look like you give a damn.

As for Caleb Hanie, the guy played 1 great quarter. I doubt he’s the next big thing. Maybe Chicago gets a call from Dan Snyder? Sorry Redskins fans, your owner is probably that dumb.


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