NYY Offseason Thoughts From a “Pinstripe Bleeding Yankee Fan”

by Todd Flashner, NJFFL Contributor

After a disappointing end to last season, this “PINSTRIPED BLEEDING YANKEE FAN” has not been too impressed with the off-season so far. The Posada move to DH is fine, we all know being a solid switch hitter will still benefit the line-up.

Bringing in Russell Martin, who is coming off hip surgery, and is projected to hit .235 with 7 HR’s and 45 RBI’s is not the answer Mr. Cashman.  We have Francisco Cervilli who I believe deserves a chance as the starting catcher and back-up Jesus Montero.

As the true fan that I am, the events of last season didn’t give us the results we wanted, but as we all know there is no crying in baseball, so lets move on.

Now its time to look at the Yankees in the off-season, and what has gone on so far. As we all know the Bronx bombers were real hot in the pursuit of pitcher Cliff Lee, as we all know Lee went to the Philly breaking the hearts of many New York fans, mine included, I mean he really would have made a great addition, but there is no point sitting around saying what if, time to move forward.

As far as the starting rotation is concerned, if Andy is healthy and comes back it will help solidify the starting rotation, and if AJ Burnett gets a clue and starts pitching the way we all hope he was brought here to do. CC as the #1 starter who’s velocity is holding steady at 93.5 mph and including the post season Sabathias 1033 inning work load the 4 years is the most since Randy Johnson in 1999 – 2002, Phil Hughes may not repeat the wins but the strike-outs and ratios should improve. Now Cashman brought in Rafael Soriono who had 45 saves and a 1.73 era last season, I guess he is the new bridge to MO, (don’t know,) I guess only time will tell. What about Joba, I see him as a long relief pitcher, or a starter if Andy does not come back.  .

With Lance Berkman going the St. Louis and Marcus Thames going to the Dodgers, the Yankee’s signed outfielder Andrew Jones to a one year deal, off the bench as a pinch hitter and maybe once and a while in the outfield.

The Yankees really need to start planning for the future real soon, and this talk about Jeter moving to the outfield is just nuts, as the captain of the Yankees with his leadership on an off the field, in my opinion as long as his defense does not hurt the team he should stay right were he is at shortstop. A Rod’s not getting any younger so what are Cashmans long-term plans, if he is still in that position?

Truth is I really believe the Yankees off-season wasn’t as great as it could have been, just look at what Boston did, I really hate to say, but they had a great off season, granted camps do not open for several weeks so anything is still possible, only time will tell.

Once camps do open what can we expect from the Bronx Bombers this year, will Jeter still be Jeter, will he continue to put up above average numbers, will A Rod stay healthy and perform the way Yankee fans hope, and put all of what happened last year behind him, this fan hopes so.

Tex should be fine, he is and has been a great addition to the team, hopefully this is the year Robinson Cano gets the accolades he deserves “MVP” I think it’s time. If the rest of the team stays healthy, it should be a good year in the Bronx,

I mentioned early the Red SOX did some great things this off-season, with the additions of Crawford and Gonzalez it just boosts there offensive power even more and with there starting rotation and bullpen.

Well Yankee fans it won’t be easy. Tampa should be right in the mix again this season, Baltimore not worried as for the rest of the AL East, I do believe it will be a 3-team race, and you all know I think the Yankee’s will win, but lets just wait and see.  Let camps open and see who is hot and who is not.  With that said, being the true “FAN” that I am, I just think the organization could have done more, unless the Steinbrenner brothers are pulling Cashmans strings.


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