I know you’re probably thinking I’m crazy because Derrick Rose, LeBron James, Manu Ginobili, Dirk Nowitzki, Kobe Bryant all deserve recognition but how often do we overlook Dwight Howard as a serious candidate? The Orlando Magic need this guy on the court for nearly the entire game because nobody protects the paint better than Howard; and when he’s out with foul trouble this team struggles defensively.  Howard may not average 25+ points per game, he struggles with his free throws although he’ll have a 17-20 kind of night at times.  When I pick this award I go by exactly what it means, who is the most VALUABLE to their team; take away Dwight then Orlando is just another sub par .500 team with a lot of talent on offense only.  Dwight keeps Orlando in contention for the title, adjusts thousands of shots taken at the rim and one of the very few players in the league where the opposing team has to change their offensive scheme when playing against Dwight.  It is true though, this award is wide open this year but if I had a vote today, it will be without hesitation Dwight Howard


Chris Paul deserves MVP consideration because he is the most VALUABLE player on the New Orleans Hornets; one example is he only played 45 games last year and they only won 37 games fast forward to this season and at the mid-point of the season they’re already at 32 wins.  You take out CP3 from the lineup you’ll have a starting five of Jarrett Jack, Marcus Thornton, Trevor Ariza, David West and Emeka Okafor that is not great yet that’s not the Cavs neither.  Lets take a look at what CP3 brings to the court game in game out, he scores 16 point per, dishes out nearly 10 dimes a game, grabs 4 boards per even though he’s usually the smallest guy on the court.  Paul flirts with nearly 3 steals per game (2.55) shoots 49% from the field, 45% from 3’s and 90% from the charity stripe all the while remaining in 1st in assist-to-turnover ratio at 4.18 (ridiculous) he’s 10th in double-doubles at 23 and has the Hornets currently 5th in standings if the playoffs started today.  He’s arguably the best PG in the league and always carries a winning attitude with him, one of the class acts in the league and well deserving of any type of MVP talks


Rose has developed his game big time and improved his 3pt shot that has excelled his offensive game and brought it new measures.  Rose has carried his Bulls to the 3rd best record in the East at 34-16.  Rose is averaging 24 PPG grabbing 4.5 RPG and dishing out 8.2 APG while posting a much-improved FT percentage at 83% up from 77% last season.  I call Derrick Rose today’s Allen Iverson; because he’s doing pretty much what Iverson did for the Sixers; carrying his team on his back.  Sure Rose has Boozer who’s a nice compliment and the low post scorer Bulls been in dire need of since Brand left; but he’s leading the team in scoring and assists (Iverson did that as well) and is 3rd in FG Attempts at this point in the season and I don’t see him stopping.  Rose is an explosive dynamite, his reverse lay-ups are like no other and is using the pieces around him just fine; although you give him a scoring shooting guard then who knows what type of numbers Rose will put up or how much better he could be? Rose has taken his game and the Bulls to another level and into contention in the East; yes Rose deserves MVP consideration and its time for Chicago to embrace Rose like they did Jordan.


I know what you thinking, Bron JOINED Wade and Bosh in Miami and how can he still be considered an MVP candidate? Well that’s easy; as much as Wade deserves recognition too it has been LeBron carrying the Heat majority of the time.  Yes, it took a while for Bron to get comfortable and once Spoelstra let the offense go, so did James and the Heat.  He has the Heat currently a game behind the Celtics for the best record in the East; and owns the highest point total of the season thus far at 51 points.  He said it himself the other night that he’s finally getting comfortable playing with his teammates and starting to be himself again; in other words the rest of the league should just watch out.  Bron is currently averaging his usual 26ppg 7rpg 7apg and leads the league in triple-doubles at 3 in the season.  He’s currently 2nd in scoring, 2nd in efficiency, 14th in double-doubles and 12th in assists which is a drop off from his usual top 7 finish but his teammate is Wade whose chipping in nearly 5 a game.  There were talks about how he and Wade could not co-exist because their game is so similar but soon as Bron took charge of the point; things changed and they work well together, like both their games are a compliment of each other now.  So I guess its safe to say as long as Bron is playing he’s never out of the MVP talk, never.


Now I know you must be thinking what is wrong with me? But in actuality Manu is a legit consideration for the MVP honors because when he’s healthy the Spurs are one of the better teams in the league.  Well, he’s played and started in all 52 games and the Spurs currently hold the best record in the league at 44-8; now who would’ve thought that? Manu means more to the Spurs than just his stats; it’s not eye appealing numbers but in order to agree with me you need to watch him play.  Manu is currently averaging 18 PPG 4 RPG 5 APG nearly 2 SPG and also 2nd in the league in 3pt attempts and 5th in 3pts made (112).  Manu and the Spurs have found a new offensive light this year, with Duncan on the decline the offense seems to be flowing thru Manu and Parker.  This team is built for the title run and have gained enough youth to help them; so before you ask me why Manu, take a look at the Spurs prior to Manu being injured and not playing, they barely play .500 ball.

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