Key Dates For All NJFFL Dynasty and Redraft Leagues

The dates below are listed in order of occurence.  Please copy or bookmark this page for easy access.


Dynasty Basketball – Keeper Selections Finalized

All Dynasty Basketball owners will be required to submit their 6 keepers for the 2011-12 season.  Teams are allowed to keep 1 player per available starting postion as per Yahoo! and a 6th man at any possible position.  Starting positions are: PG, SG, SF, PF and C.







Dynasty Hockey Draft, Year 1

This is the tentative date for the Inaugural Dynasty Hockey League Draft.  Much like our other leagues, the draft may commence once the order is finalized.  The owner with the #1 overall pick may begin the draft at their leisure.  The date is set if said owner chooses not to select early. All rounds will be serpentine style for the first season only.  The Rookie Draft will be the reverse order of whatever the Free Agent draft is, keeping the serpentine style in effect.



Fantasy College Football Draft

We will have more info for you once the host websites open for business.  As of now we are filling slots and will look to be around 20 teams for the 2011 campaign.





NJFFL Development League Football Draft, Year 2

The D League draft will begin promptly at 3pm EST.  Please enter the Yahoo! Draft Room about 10 minutes prior to ensure you cna enter the room with no issues.

We created the D-League to give potential owners a chance to see what the league format and scoring settings are before actually committing to a life in the NJFFL.  Teams are awarded to anyone interested in joining.  You must win or finish well in the D-League before you are asked to join the NJFFL (money league).  This is to be sure that you are the right fit for us and us for you.  You may not be up to the challenge of owning an expansion team and building a dynasty from scratch.


Dynasty Football – Roster Cut Down Day

As of 12:01 am all teams must be down to the mandatory 40 players or less.  Cuts may be submitted at any time prior to this date.





Dynasty Football – Open Free Agent Signing Period Begins

At 12:01 am all teams will be able to add/drop at will without using their allotted waivers.  Teams must drop one player to add another unless your team is at 39 players or below.  Directions will be given as to how to sign players from Free Agency.  The use of the MFL Message Board will be necessary.  The Open FA period will close at midnight September 7th.  After this date all Free Agents will require the use of a waiver to be signed (unless you are still under 40 players).



Dynasty Basketball Draft, Year 2

This is also the tentative date for the Dynasty Basketball Draft.

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