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I Support Jay Cutler. Yes, I AM a REAL Bears Fan.

By Patty Hsieh, NJFFL Contributor Ok, by now I’m sure everyone has formed an opinion on Jay Cutler.  Questions abound: Did he quit on this team?  Was he really injured badly enough to have to leave the game?  If he was injured why in the world wasn’t he acting as such?  Why didn’t the Bears […]

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What Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda Been In 2010

By NJFFL Contributor Patty Hsieh 1) Randy Moss:  You shoulda kept your big mouth shut. All your talk about not feeling wanted by the Patriots organization and whining about the absence of a contract extension just gave me the sense that you just didn’t know how great you had in New England.  This realization became […]

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Boston Brewcrew Crowned Jersey Bowl V Champion

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I Am Haunted By The Ghost Of Adrian Peterson

It’s exactly one year to the day… December 28, 2009…Monday Night Football, Soldier Field, Vikings – Bears Let me set the stage for you… The 2009 NJFFL Championship game.  I was down by approximately 20 points or so.  I had both Jared Allen and Adrian Peterson in as my starters.  My opponent had Danieal Manning […]

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JERSEY BOWL V – It's On!! Boston vs Michigan For All The Marbles!!

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JERSEY BOWL V – It’s On!! Boston vs Michigan For All The Marbles!!

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